As a practising RN for the last 30 years and being a community case manager for the last 17 years, I have
noticed that there are those in the community who sometimes require more attention than the public system
can provide. My wish is to support those in the community with their health issues before they become a crisis
and to do this I offer the following services:

•  Assessment of your health needs in context of your individual life situation with education
   about disease prevention and the adaptation of healthy life choices.

•  Establishing a therapeutic relationship with you and your family for the purposes of giving
   comfort, helping you navigate the medical system, assisting with healing and providing a trusted
   source of health teaching.

•  Provide anxiety reduction, energy management, systems balancing, and sleep enhancement
   using Bowen Therapy

•  Promote and respect informed decision-making according to your needs and goals while preserving
   your dignity and maintaining privacy and confidentiality.